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Check out Seeper, a London arts and technology collective. They have some really interesting interactive experiments that push the boundaries of modern media technology.  Some of Seeper’s clients include Ted.com, Google, British Film Institute, JayZ, Nike, Reebok, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Ford, AMD, Vimeo, Microsoft, and Sony Plastation.  Quite a list!  What really sets them off is the type of work they’re hired to do.

We’ve all seen what happens when brilliant design mixes with innovation, Seeper is one of those companies that knows how to make it happen.  This one is great, they take projection mapping to an interactive level to create a really cool experience.

The next project is Last Will. It is “a reactive network of hidden computers, actuators, sensors, lighting, sound and visuals all worked together to create a theatrical experience like nothing else.”

I find it very refreshing and inspiring to see a successful company push the limits of artistic expression. I think Seeper is one of those companies we should all emulate. Truly inspiring!

Yader Presents: Kerny

This is a fantastic little xpresso setup to create a kerning solution for C4d.  The author, Yader, has a host of really great quick tips and tricks for Cinema.  I recommend browsing his vimeo page as often as possible.

It’s amazing to me that Maxon has not included kerning in their software.  Cinema 4d has always promoted itself as the friendliest solution for graphic design and has had some of the most powerful 3d text tools since its inception.

You can download Yader’s setup here.