FILM 2300: Film Appreciation

Fall 2012

INSTRUCTOR:  Chris M. Churchill, MFA                                               PHONE: 450-5522

OFFICE: Stanley Russ Hall, Room 124A                                               E-MAIL:

OFFICE HOURS: MW 9:00 am -11:00 am or by appointment


Course Title: Film Appreciation

Course Number: FILM 2300

Course Bulletin Description:

General education curriculum option for the fine arts requirement.  Promotes understanding and appreciation of the art of cinema through study of film style, film history, film genres, and the cultural impact of films.  Examines both the theory and practice of filmmaking.  Lectures, readings, screenings.

Location: Stanley Russ Hall Room 103

Meeting day(s): Thursday

Meeting time(s): 2:40 – 5:20


1.  To introduce students to the classics works of filmmaking and influential directors from both the United States and other countries.

2.  To introduce students to different forms of filmmaking including narrative, documentary, and avant garde.

3.  To better understand the creative and artistic processes of making motion pictures.

4.  To understand different formal and stylistic tools used for expression in motion pictures.

5.  To introduce students to aesthetic considerations of motion pictures.

6.  To introduce students to the impact of motion pictures on culture and society.

7.  To present to students a multi-cultural understanding of the human condition through motion pictures.


Prince, Stephen.  Movies and Meaning:  An Introduction to Film.  6th Edition.  Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2010.


All assignments will be turned in typed.

Late assignments may be turned within a week of the due date for half credit (this does not include tests), unless you have an excused absence the day the assignment is due.  Excused absences include university sanctioned events, illness, emergency, or death in the family.  See evaluation section for how absences will be graded.

Extra credit will be available through two methods amount of extra credit awarded will be dictated by the instructor.

  1. Participation in class discussion on blackboards message boards.
  2.  Attendance of film related events.


Your final grade will be determined by your level of performance in these areas:

1.  Short Papers–40% (20% each): You will write two short essays of 2-3 pages each responding to issues and films assigned.  I will give you handouts with more details as the due date approaches.

2.  Exams—50%:  You will take five exams, based on the readings and lectures.  There will be five exams over the course of the semester.  These will be primarily forced choice (matching, true/false, multiple choice) and short essay.

3.  Attendance—10%:  Attending class is important.  Besides discussion, we will be viewing many movies or clips that cannot be rented at the local video store.  Therefore it is vital you attend class.  Each unexcused absence will lower your attendance grade by 20 points.  A student who misses more than three classes may automatically be failed in the course.  Allowances will be made for excused absences, but you need to confirm with me that an absence is excused before the beginning of the missed class period.






Below 60=F

Academic Integrity:

The University of Central Arkansas affirms its commitment to academic integrity and expects all members of the university community to accept shared responsibility for maintaining academic integrity.  Students in this course are subject to the provisions of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy, approved by the Board of Trustees ad Board Policy No. 709 on February 10, 2012, and published in the Student Handbook.  Penalties for academic misconduct in this course may include a failing grade on an assignment, a failing grade in the course, or any other course-related sanction the instructor determines to be appropriate.  Continued enrollment in this course affirms a student’s acceptance of this university policy.

Course Evals

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The University of Central Arkansas adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you need an accommodation under this Act due to a disability, please contact the UCA Office of Disability Services, 450-3135.






8/23/12 Introduction to Course Screening: Children of Men
8/30/12 Film Structure Ch 1 Top 3 List
9/6/12 Cinematography Ch 2
9/13/12 Production Design Ch 3 Exam #1
9/20/12 Screening Screening: Raising Arizona
9/27/12 Acting Ch 4
10/4/12 Editing Ch 5 Exam #2 Paper #1
10/11/12 Sound Design Ch 6
10/18/12 Screening Screening: On the Waterfront

Fall Break

11/1/12 Exam #3
11/8/12 Nature of Narrative Ch 7  
11/15/12 Screening: Alien
11/29/12 Crossroads of Business and Art, Modes of Reality Ch 10, Ch 9  Exam #4
12/6/12 Screening Screening: Jurassic Park Paper #2
12/13/12 Final Exam Exam #5