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Becks Green Box Project

The “Green Box Project” by the lager company Becks is an interesting use of a newish technological application called augmented reality.  I look forward to running across one of these someday.

I think augmented reality is a stepping stone to the future face of media, not only in advertising but in many other ways.  Imagine a world where watching TV doesn’t mean sitting at home on your couch but experiencing the real world enhanced by media.


Check out Seeper, a London arts and technology collective. They have some really interesting interactive experiments that push the boundaries of modern media technology.  Some of Seeper’s clients include, Google, British Film Institute, JayZ, Nike, Reebok, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Ford, AMD, Vimeo, Microsoft, and Sony Plastation.  Quite a list!  What really sets them off is the type of work they’re hired to do.

We’ve all seen what happens when brilliant design mixes with innovation, Seeper is one of those companies that knows how to make it happen.  This one is great, they take projection mapping to an interactive level to create a really cool experience.

The next project is Last Will. It is “a reactive network of hidden computers, actuators, sensors, lighting, sound and visuals all worked together to create a theatrical experience like nothing else.”

I find it very refreshing and inspiring to see a successful company push the limits of artistic expression. I think Seeper is one of those companies we should all emulate. Truly inspiring!

Meet Tymote: Pirates of Design

Check out this Japanese design company’s newest vimeo piece. It may not be a super strong example of projection mapping but I love the 8 bit vibe with the clean lines and simplistic feel. I’d love to see this installation in person.

Here’s the full video without the cut to the projection.

I also find this piece interesting and definitely worth checking out.

Also this great little vid introducing a typeface.

Tymote’s work proves that sometimes, less is more.