UFVA Stereoscopy Presentation: Europa

Last August I had the pleasure to present with my colleagues Bruce Hutchinson and Scott Meador at the University Film and Video Association on our experiences in low-budget stereoscopy which culminated in the short film Europa.  To date, Europa has screened at the Little Rock Film Festival and at the 2012 UFVA Conference.  While the project was an incredibly large undertaking for a group of working professionals, we found the process very rewarding.

Many in my field (academia not hollywood) dismiss stereo3D as a passing fad and excessively limiting to the moviemaking and viewing experience.  My experience has been much more positive.  I believe stereo3D has a very important role to play in the evolution of the motion picture and technology has reached a point that 3D can truly add something to the overall narrative experience.

The most important thing I took away from this project is that creating Stereo3D images is much more possible than you might imagine.  Every piece of equipment and software we used we either built ourselves or was off the shelf.  The process was challenging but far from impossible and the result is of high quality.

Here’s our presentation


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