Month: January 2012

W. Scott Meador’s New Blog

My good friend and colleague at the University of Central Arkansas recently started his own blog!  He’s a fantastic artist and a very talented educator.  I recommend anyone interested in film making, art, or design check him out.  His first series of posts discusses the loss of the online edit.  I think it’s an extraordinarily interesting topic and hope to add to the discussion in the near future.

W. Scott Meador’s Blog


This is an interesting combination of film studies and design that takes the visual and rhythmic information and builds a visual fingerprint for the movie.

I can see using this type of visual representation for serious film studies, but it also makes pretty cool movie posters.

Mr. Brodbeck created this project as part of his bachelors degree at the Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag.You can learn more about Frederic’s project here.