The Material Group:Projection Mapping and more

The Material Group is a design and R&D group based in Chicago. They have undertaken some pretty interesting projects over the last couple years including a fantastic little projection mapping experiment. This implementation of projection mapping brings motion tracking in to the mix, pretty clever:

I also recommend spending a minute or two (or 20) on their fun little spin art webapp they made to promote McDonald’s smoothies.

They’re also damn good animators, check out their reel:

The best thing about design companies like the Material Group is their ability to find ways to take advertising to a level that can at least entertain and at best make the world a better place. Recently Burger King decided to pull their “king” mascot to focus on their product (greesy disgusting hamburgers). I was never a huge fan of the creepy king that watches you sleep, but I did appreciate the creativity.

Here’s one more awesome Material Group project before you go.  This one is for All-Bran…

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