Month: August 2011

Compressed 02

Check out Kim Pimmel‘s new video Compressed 02 an experimental video taken using time lapse photography. The bubbles were created with household soap, dye, and ferrofluid. If you aren’t familiar with ferrofluid it is essentially a magnetized liquid.

Kim’s Compressed 01 is also a very interesting example of creative use of ferrofluid.

Kim designed his own custom intervalometer, I’d love to see how it works!  By day Kim works as a UX designer for Adobe.

The Material Group:Projection Mapping and more

The Material Group is a design and R&D group based in Chicago. They have undertaken some pretty interesting projects over the last couple years including a fantastic little projection mapping experiment. This implementation of projection mapping brings motion tracking in to the mix, pretty clever:

I also recommend spending a minute or two (or 20) on their fun little spin art webapp they made to promote McDonald’s smoothies.

They’re also damn good animators, check out their reel:

The best thing about design companies like the Material Group is their ability to find ways to take advertising to a level that can at least entertain and at best make the world a better place. Recently Burger King decided to pull their “king” mascot to focus on their product (greesy disgusting hamburgers). I was never a huge fan of the creepy king that watches you sleep, but I did appreciate the creativity.

Here’s one more awesome Material Group project before you go.  This one is for All-Bran…

Yader Presents: Kerny

This is a fantastic little xpresso setup to create a kerning solution for C4d.  The author, Yader, has a host of really great quick tips and tricks for Cinema.  I recommend browsing his vimeo page as often as possible.

It’s amazing to me that Maxon has not included kerning in their software.  Cinema 4d has always promoted itself as the friendliest solution for graphic design and has had some of the most powerful 3d text tools since its inception.

You can download Yader’s setup here.


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