Month: July 2011

2011 Diaries From Downunder, rip off or inspired?

This video was posted in Vimeo by Cam O’Connell.  It is an intro for a web-series called Diaries From Down Under, a snow boarding show based in New Zealand.  The series is produced by a marketing company called Winter Volume which aims to provide marketing services to winter sporting goods companies.  If the style looks familiar its because Cam used Mike Winkelmann work from the short “Kill Your Co-Workers“.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Mike Winkelmann makes available all of his project files to the world.  His work is completely open sourced meaning he allows anyone to use any of it for anything they want, commercial or

Still from from Mike Winkelmann's "Kill Your Co-Workers"

otherwise.  I love Mike’s approach to his work and making it available to the community makes him an extremely

valuable asset for a lot of motion graphics artists.  However, I can’t help but cringe a little bit to see his work so blatantly used for the benefit (presumably monetary and otherwise) of another artist.  Does Mike’s open source mentality inspire creativity is he stifling the creativity of others by letting them rip him off?  Or, perhaps even worse, is he allowing other people to take credit for his exemplary work?  Should open source art become mainstream?  If so what are the implications?


Beeple, (aka Mike Winkelmann) is a motion designer in Wisconsin. He has a great collection of work on his vimeo page but what really sets him apart is his open source philosophy.  If you visit his site you will find tons and tons of designs with project files included!  He even has a project file from an Erykah Badu music video.  Not only are these little files extremely cool but they are a great resource for learning new ways to use Cinema 4d.  Mike is a super talented artist and is definitely someone worth watching.

I really like the idea of open source art.  Which is something I plan on writing about in the near future.

Close and Caring

Here’s a awesome new MTV ident from Sehsucht, a design company in Berlin.  A lot of people don’t give MTV any street cred these days but they are a pretty big client for a lot of talented animators and motion designers. The hair is the big star in this piece. They did a great job of making it look realistically fanciful. Kudos Sehsucht!

MTV “Close and Caring” from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

If that wasn’t awesome enough they included a “making of reel” to show their storyboards and design process.

Mtv Making Of from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.